Shake your phone
to feel the difference!

Sometimes even a small move is enough to feel pleasure.

Just shake your phone, do your task, give another person a chance to repay you and enjoy a great evening which you will never forget.

3 types of feelings

emsser take off

Heat up the atmosphere by taking off some clothes. You won’t need them anyway!

emsser massage

Give yourself a chance to slowly please your partner and stimulate her / his senses.

emsser lick it

Go all in and remember this evening for the rest of your life or repeat it tomorrow!

and many possibilities!

How to use Emsser?

Shake your phone.

Let fate decide on your next task.

Do it politely and give the phone to your partner or next person.

Users’ opinions


Simple and effective!
Anna 22 y


I don’t say that loudly, but it saved my bed-life
Tomasz 36 y


The best foreplay tool
Matthew 21 y

Why Emsser exist?

Emsser was created for people who are looking for the lost spark of intimate experiences and emotions in their relationship. His job is to wake them up!

The Application is different from all the positions available on the sex roulette app market, which, to be honest, are useless because nobody pauses during a hot game in bed to draw the next position on their phone…

Emsser is here to help you get started that hot game. You know very well what will happen next.

💵 Is Emsser free?

Yes, Emsser is completely free and was funded through private funds. One day I thought that I can make something special for people for $0 that can tremendously change their lives.

Why Emsser is not available on any app stores?

The application strongly relates to ambiguous activities between adults, so no app market will allow me to place an application of this type on their site. Trust me, I tried.

⚙️ How to install Emsser?

1. Click the button to download the application
You will be redirected to the download page

2. Navigate to your phone settings menu then to the security settings.

3. Enable the installation from Unknown Sources option.
Because my app isn’t from a certificated app market your phone will not allow to install it without that option enabled. Don’t worry about access permission because Emsser doesn’t need any of them, so your phone remains safe.

4. Use a file browser and navigate to your download folder.

5. Tap the Emsser.APK to begin the installation process.

6. The app should safely install!

🤖 Why there’s only an Android version of Emsser?

Emsser was created solely through private funds, and unfortunately creating an application compatible with both operating system platforms is expensive.

I plan to develop an iOS version of the application, but for this I need additional funds. If you want to help develop the Emsser project, I encourage you to donate through PayPal.

❤️ What is the most important here?

Warning! My app is just an add-on. The most significant thing in bed life is a mutual decision, psychological comfort, and above all, talking to your partner about it. You can’t fix your relationship with the app. Talk to your partner first. Set limits, things that you like, and enjoy!

How can you support my project?

Progress bar of Emsser funds.

Android version and publication

We got it!

iOS and other versions of the app

Maintenance and further development

Marketing and promotion materials

Additional material that will help many other couples

You can do it under that link via PayPal


Shake your phone
to feel the difference!

Feel free to contact me!