Shake your phone to feel the difference!

Sometimes even a small move is enough to feel pleasure. In this case, just shake your phone, do your task, give another person a chance to repay you and enjoy a great evening which you will never forget.

App is now available on Google Play.

3 types of feelings

emsser take off

Heat up the atmosphere by taking off some clothes. You won’t need them anyway!

emsser massage

Give yourself a chance to slowly please your partner and stimulate her / his senses.

emsser lick it

Go all in and remember this evening for the rest of your life or repeat it tomorrow!

and many possibilities!

Let fate decide on your next task. Do it politely and give the phone to your partner.

App is now available on Google Play.

Users’ opinions

Simple and effective!
Anna 22 y

I don’t say that loudly, but it saved my relationship
Tom 36 y

Don’t you dare put it on your website
Matthew 21 y

Why Emsser exist?

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