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Hubert Hurban

Marketing specialist

That’s why

I was making

📣 Advertising campaigns

Campaigns that generated purchases, gained leads and simply increased my clients’ earnings.

🛒 More sales

🎯More leads

💵 More money

🤖 Automatic

Sales funnels, mailing paths, newsletters, reporting, content ideas and much more.

👍🏻 Social Media

Which achieved, for example, 3 million organic reach per month, built groups of thousands of engaged recipients and sold products at such a pace that customers repeatedly asked to slow down because they were not able to complete the packing of orders.

🎨 Branding

In the form of logos, graphics, slogans, communication, which built their position in the industry and, most importantly, won the hearts and wallets of customers, and I was happy that this small part of my creativity became an element of cool companies.

📝 Articles

Which are still in the top 5 searches for given keywords. They hang and get tons of organic traffic for my clients. They sleep while potential customers read about their companies and buy their products.

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    Hubert Hurban

    Marketing specialist